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Mysterious brain disease causing hallucinations probed in Canada

New York Post 31 Mar 2021
Officials alerted doctors in the New Brunswick province this month that they were monitoring a cluster of 43 cases of a neurological disease of unknown cause, The Guardian reported ... In addition to CJD, the symptoms also are similar to some of its variants, including mad cow disease, or bovine spongiform encephalopathy, the CBC reported.

An Unknown Brain Disease Has Hit Dozens Of People In Canada

IFL Science 31 Mar 2021
As reported by CBC, Green Party Leader David Coon criticized the public health agency for their lack of transparency over the disease. He says that case numbers shot up in 2019 — when 11 cases were reported — and again in 2020 — when a further 24 cases were reported ... However, CJD and all known prion diseases have been ruled out by early lab tests.
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